I would find it so lovely to describe myself in some poetic way, but the truth is, I'm not much of an artist with words. All I know is that I've always loved meandering, observing, discovering, absorbing, internalizing... life and love and people. That makes me sound like a bit of a wallflower, which is only partly true.

My camera is my connection to the world, my voice, my way of externalizing. I find myself intrigued by the connections people have with their family, their friends, and the world... I love to steal away those little moments that you think no one is noticing and capture those big ones that no one will ever forget. I love to take all of those internal feelings and create an image that I feel brings to life all of those poetic things I can't express in words.

I love what I do and a big part of the special thing about being a photographer is connecting with you, so here's a little list of some things about me to help you get a sense of who I am.
–I love my dog. She's a little Dalmatian named Lady. She's a sweet old girl now, but I'll never forget her stoic, untrusting face in that shelter...
–I love old homes. Homes with character. I've lived in new places, but they just don't seem to envelope you the same way older homes do.
–I like to be out-of-doors. I feel we're too cooped up in this world and the grass and the sun and rain and wind would do a lot of our souls a lot of good (not so good for the allergies, but hey, let's not think about that right now).
–I like to ride my bike (it's electric and it's the greatest thing since sliced bread).
–I really love Ann Arbor. I moved here three years ago from central Pennsylvania (born and raised- not so sure that's a good thing). This place has a homey feeling and I find the people here to be welcoming, warm, quirky, and artsy, among other things and I just like it.
–I love my grandma for showering me with love my whole life no matter what and allowing me to drink coffee from my teeny Snoopy mug throughout my childhood and letting me do all the little things others thought kids shouldn't do.
–I don't like conflict, but I have always found myself speaking up and standing up for others. People can be cruel and a lot of people say to "let it go," but that's really not in my nature.
–I love looking through old photographs. I wish my family had taken more. I hope for my clients to love the legacy I've captured of them enough to have their images printed so they can be cherished by generations to come.
–Enough about me! I'd love to meet you and hear about your life and love and emotions, let's grab coffee or tea or a bite and become chums. ~ Stevie B.